Friday, November 28, 2008

The Cooks

Six reasons why this is a
PERFECT PICTURE of the Cook Family.

  1. Socks are being sorted, because Dan said they had to be. Do you see me in this picture? No, because I only sort socks ONCE-A-YEAR – on Father’s Day.
  2. Dan is diligently sorting the socks, with a pair of underwear on his head.
  3. Katie is FED UP, and is ‘kindly requesting to be excused’ from this chore.
  4. Tyler is the smart one, and figures if he sits there with his mouth shut, Dan may just make Katie do the whole thing by herself, considering she’s the one that is ‘kindly requesting to be excused’.
  5. Eyliana is still young enough to do exactly what her dad tells her.
  6. Dudley is happily enjoying time with his family, where almost everyone is in the same room, and he can play with as many socks as he wants.


Kendra said...

I think I found a match...LOL

Anonymous said...

LOL........maybe it would help if you had everybody pick out JUST their OWN socks and let them just take care of them THEMSELVES.......either that or start writing their names on them with a big black PERMANENT sharpie marker, each numbered so all they have to do is match their OWN name and a number!;)(I actually did that for Jess and wyatt one time because I was so sick of them complaining about "those aren't my socks!"....they both ended up with something like 18 pairs of socks!;) )

mandy said...

HAHA! This is wildly funny. And the underwear on the head? Well... Ya gotta do what ya gotta do to push through!