Tuesday, November 11, 2008

'Dan'nerism of the week

Although I don't always post them every week,
are still a weekly occurrence here in our house!!

Dinner Table Conversation -

Katie: I don't know why Tyler is so embarrassed of me in front of his friends, whenever I go into his school, he pretends he doesn't even know me.
Dan: Well, ISN'T that the CAT CALLING the POT BLACK.


~Kristie~ said...


Anonymous said...

LOL.....I hope its a black cat?!;)
I have to ask.....does he do this ON PURPOSE???? OR .....does he THINK he's saying it correctly??? and hopefully if he thinks he's saying it correctly, you tell him what the saying is REALLY suppose to be!

Daniel.....its "Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black" LOL @ you! Just think how boring your house would be without your little "dan'erisms" ;)

~Kristie~ said...

He thinks he is saying it correctly!

Paul and Jackie said...

I think you should have all these written down and publish a book of them. I know it would be a big seller!


~Kristie~ said...

Or maybe I could create one of those "desk calendars" where you tear off a page each day?

Grandma KIM said...

Desk Calendar........now THERE'S an even better idea than the book!! You could make your million $$$$s MUCH faster! (Like I have a million dollars.....now that's the cat calling the pot black!!!)
Love you DAN!