Sunday, November 9, 2008

Top 10 - WHY I love the Windy CIty

#1 - There's a STARBUCKS on every corner.

#2 - The people here can always see the best in people.
The Wicked Witch was really a NICE person.

#3 - The Talbott Hotel and it's luxurious shower.

#4 - Alfredo's Babershop

#5 - A place where you can buy cool snowboarding clothes, and the people who sell them don't care that you don't snowboard (because you're afraid of the chairlift)

#6 - The ANNOYING cab driver that honks at you when you're walking, suddenly becomes your best friend when you need to get somewhere fast.

(We almost died on this particular cab ride)

#7 - Three floors

#8 - I'm really close to my brothers house,

no, I haven't found him yet.

#9 - Alone time

#10 - There's a STARBUCKS on every corner.


Anonymous said...

Im surprised you didn't find Andy's "house"! I thought for sure there'd be pics of you and Dan trying to climb the fence! ;)
MRS.Kalke ;)))

mandy said...

No pizza on this list?

~Kristie~ said...

I am WEIRD - and I don't really like Chicago style pizza !! :)
As always, thanks for visiting, Mandy!