Sunday, November 2, 2008

The 'D'-Blanket

Dan really likes to DUCK Hunt.
He hasn't gotten any ducks yet.

He DESIGNED this DUCK-blanket that he made out of lightweight fencing and FAKE GRASS.
He zip-tied the grass to the fencing, to create a blanket to cover up with.
Then when the DUCK's fly over,
he JUMP's OUT from under the blanket and shoots them.

He went Duck Hunting again yesterday.
He took his NEWLY invented DUCK-BLANKET with him.

Still no ducks.

No worries.
We could always use it as a DOG-BLANKET.
Dudley loves the thing.


David Hulings said...

Maybe he needs to add a Goose down pillow or something? Or, it might not be the blanket. I saw he also has a duck call thing. Maybe he is saying some weird things to the duck as they fly over. They hear the weird language and see two guys (Dan and his brother) under a fake blanket - I wouldn't get close enough to be shot either.

Paul and Jackie said...

What a hoot!!!


Aunt Juge said...

Looks like Dudley will be getting more use out of it than Dan! ;)