Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bittersweet - PART 1

What do you do when God calls you in a different direction
Especially when you are the type of person that likes to STAY in the same little box you were always in
When you feel the loss of what you left behind SO BAD that it's gut-wrenching
When you're excited and scared about the future all at the same time
When you have to say "God, are you SURE?", even though you know you're not supposed to

I've been attempting to write a NICE LITTLE BLOG about the recent change in our CHURCH life. Every time I sit down to do it, I GOT NOTHIN'.......

This week I received this letter from one of my bestest friends.
It warmed my heart
It made me feel like God was telling me, "you'll be fine"
And it WROTE my blog
All at the same time.
(Now, that's a good friend)

Hey Girl,

I've been thinking about you a lot lately and all of the changes. By changes, I mean you leaving.

It's bittersweet. Bitter because we won't be worshipping together on Sundays. Bitter because we have come to love you and your family as our family. We have been blessed by having you in our lives.

Sweet because it's difficult to do anything but celebrate when people you love answer God's call, even when it takes them on a different path. The interesting thing I have come to realize out of all of this is that though we are on different paths, we are still going in the same direction. The direction of the cross, the direction of Christ. That is a beautiful and joyous thing!

So I want to say to you, my friend, I will miss our time of worship, but I celebrate with you. Enjoy and be blessed on this new adventure God has called you to.



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Kendra said...

I'm glad you know what path you are to take. I wish we knew the answer to that for our family...