Thursday, November 27, 2008

Dear Andy - Happy Thanksgiving

It's Thanksgiving -
today we took our ANNUAL "(very-smart) Fab Four" Holiday Picture. You know - the "gay one" that I make you SIT STILL for - on EVERY holiday. It somehow wasn't the same without you.
However, the three of us look more like siblings than you do, anyway. At one point, we substituted Jamie's dog for you. He actually looks more like our sibling than you do, too.

Hope you had a bunch of GREAT FOOD for Thanksgiving. I ate an extra piece of Apple Pie for you. We actually had SO MUCH food left over - we couldn't figure out why - Mom finally said, "It must be because Andy didn't eat."

I am thankful for you. (I'm also thankful that we have more leftovers this year)

Your Big Sis

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Grandma KIM said...'re least Tyson has 'DARK HAIR'!

p.s. wanna come over for left over yellow stuff that I forgot to send home with you?