Saturday, July 31, 2010

I could only wish.....

As a dedicated Law and Order fan, I've become obsessed with watching my mail box for something that tells me that my services are required to serve on a JURY. For me, it would be like winning the lotto. How does a 35 year old woman NEVER get called for Jury Duty in her entire life.

Is it possible to walk into the courtroom and just volunteer?

Because he could care less about this responsibility, Dan has been picked for Jury Duty approx. 7 times in his life!! SEVEN!! You would think he could "let me take his place" - but, no.

He once AGAIN will have Jury Duty the week of September 6, 2010. I at least talked him into letting me fill out his paperwork, just so I felt important.

And yes, I will take this opportunity to mention that I think it ridiculous that they print his full name at the top of the paper, and then the first question they ask is - First Name, Last Name, Middle Initial.........

Thursday, July 29, 2010

FLASHBACK - Nightime Reading with Eyli

When she was little, it was back when reading was the IN thing to do with your kids. You know, right when everyone discovered “READING to them” would determine if they were a good kid or bad kid when they grew up. She loved this concept as she was a little reader from the minute she could hold a book. Most of her nighttime stories consisted of a dog named Biscuit, and his adventures. Mostly because SHE could actually READ the books to us, and let’s face it – by the 3rd child, you would rather just lay there and have them do all the work. Because you were most likely sleeping instead of reading anyway.

When I searched for a photo of Eyliana with a book, I found about 20. So, I went with the one above, basically because I miss the days when the kids ran around with their pacis in their mouths.

FLASHBACK - Nightime Reading with Tyler

When he was little, he was about the same as he is now – he hated reading. Everything about it. We spent countless hours trying to make him “like to read”, but it didn’t work. It took us a while to find ANY books that he liked. Most of his nighttime stories consisted of one of us screaming….."FFFF-RRR-OOOO-GGG-YYY”…… He loved the FROGGY book series, and I think maybe it was because we actually yelled and screamed some of the lines in the books. We should have known then that he would become a Soccer STAR, based on the fact that the Froggy Plays Soccer book was the most worn-out book we owned.

As I searched for a photo of Tyler with a book, this seemed to be the ONLY one. And mostly because you could never catch him "reading" one, let alone have time to snap a picture. I think I got lucky with this one because it was a Christmas present. (Where I very obviously tricked him into thinking that a BOOK was a PRESENT)

FLASHBACK - Nightime Reading with Katie

When she was little, it was back when your kids didn’t know the whole alphabet BEFORE they went to school. You know, when they actually learned their letters and sounds in Kindergarten. At the time we thought she was the smartest kid in the universe because she loved to learn. All of her nighttime stories consisted of one of the Little Alphabet Books. Little A had a box, and he said “I will fill my box” – and then he proceeded to find little items on his trip that started with the letter A, which he then carried with him in his box.

As I searched for a photo of Katie reading (any) book, you would think I had all of my photographs alphabetized and labeled based on the fact that I found the picture of her 2nd Christmas - where she actually OPENED the books as a gift. (above) But, it was a total mistake that I actually stumbled on this photo at all.......

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

my favorite quote for the day.....

We are only defensive when we are guilty of something and why would I trust the intentions of people who are defensive of telling the 'truth'? -a friend

Monday, July 12, 2010

Sunday message

the righteous live by Faith, with confidence that God is on the throne....

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer 2010 - Us

Im not sure this post needs any words.

Summer 2010 - Katie

Where has the time gone?
Katie has spent her Summer doing all the things that 16 year old girls want to do. She spends time with all of her friends that don't live at our house. We barely ever see this child any more, so that is why I try to snap a picture when we get the chance - so then I can put it up on my blog, so I remember what she looks like.

Here is a picture of her and her friend....who is a boy.

Summer 2010 - Eyli

So far, Eyliana has spent her summer doing all the things that she likes to do.
She took a Summer Cooking class at the Tech Center, she watches alot of the Disney Channel, and she loves to play with her cousins, the big ones and the little ones. She's especially good with the babies, as she loves to "help" in anyway she can. She's my little scholar, as at least once-a-day she complains about being bored.....she misses school.

A picture of Eyliana and all of her cousins (on daddy's side), they're all getting pretty old.

Summer 2010 - Tyler

So far, Tyler has spent most of his summer fishing as much as he possibly can.
On little lakes and big lakes.
Catching little fish and big fish.

I just realized he is wearing the same shirt every time.
Hmmmm....maybe this should be his lucky fishing shirt?
Or maybe he just needs some new shirts.

Back to Blogging

I guess it's time to get back to blogging....
mostly because I tend to THINK in facebook status updates.
I spend hours re-writing sentences in my head
sentences that no-one else will ever hear.....