Thursday, July 29, 2010

FLASHBACK - Nightime Reading with Tyler

When he was little, he was about the same as he is now – he hated reading. Everything about it. We spent countless hours trying to make him “like to read”, but it didn’t work. It took us a while to find ANY books that he liked. Most of his nighttime stories consisted of one of us screaming….."FFFF-RRR-OOOO-GGG-YYY”…… He loved the FROGGY book series, and I think maybe it was because we actually yelled and screamed some of the lines in the books. We should have known then that he would become a Soccer STAR, based on the fact that the Froggy Plays Soccer book was the most worn-out book we owned.

As I searched for a photo of Tyler with a book, this seemed to be the ONLY one. And mostly because you could never catch him "reading" one, let alone have time to snap a picture. I think I got lucky with this one because it was a Christmas present. (Where I very obviously tricked him into thinking that a BOOK was a PRESENT)

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