Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer 2010 - Eyli

So far, Eyliana has spent her summer doing all the things that she likes to do.
She took a Summer Cooking class at the Tech Center, she watches alot of the Disney Channel, and she loves to play with her cousins, the big ones and the little ones. She's especially good with the babies, as she loves to "help" in anyway she can. She's my little scholar, as at least once-a-day she complains about being bored.....she misses school.

A picture of Eyliana and all of her cousins (on daddy's side), they're all getting pretty old.


Anonymous said...

Bored...? Hmmmm....I wonder who's child she is? ;)

(they need a box for "love this story") ;)

Anonymous said...

HEY this is yummy. i like your family blog. i go it allll the time.