Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Congrats, Dad!

My dad's book is finally here!
The big book-signing party is this weekend, and we are all very excited about it!!
Congrats, dad!

Check out
HIS Top Ten Reasons why you should attend his Book Signing Party -

#10 - Where else do you get free beer and pizza (well, at least one beer and a slice of pizza)?

#9 - Where else on January 30 at around 8:15ish will you get a free glass of champagne (well, at least a small sip of champagne in a plastic cup)?

#8 - Where else can can you kick the winter blahs with a party (other than the Super Bowl one week later)?

#7 - Where else can you get dressed up in formal gowns and a black tux (just kidding ... blue jeans and a Harley shirt will work for the author)?

#6 - Where else can you buy a book on a Saturday night (other than Barnes and Noble; Boarders Books,, etc.)?

#5 - Where else can you get a signed copy of a book by a successful author (well, a published author at least)?

#4 - Where else can you have your picture taken with a roundish bald guy who wrote a book (just kidding .. that's not a picture you probably want ... besides I think a grew a hair last week)?

#3 - Where else can you meet an author's wife who really is the brains and beauty behind the author (not kidding here)?

#2 - Where else can you meet an author's children and grandchildren (there will be plenty running around so you can bring yours too)?

And, the #1 reason you should attend David's book signing party:

#1 - Where else will I be able to say thank you and I am humbled to have you as my friend and that you would buy my book!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Effort by Eyliana Cook

I am effort.
I am teamwork, working hard, and being positive.
Stand up to make something happen in your life.
You will see me when you're in the kitchen cooking a meal
and on the piano practicing to make perfection.
I work for what I want.
Stand up to make something happen in your life.
Without me the world would never get things done.
Abraham Lincoln, my mom, my dad, and Dudley.
Stand up to make something happen in your life.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Love is......

Love is -
Walking 2 blocks in the freezing cold
To the closest Rite-Aid
In downtown Chicago
To buy a Therma-Care Heatwrap
{And some ibuprofen}
{And a little stuffed dog}
For your wife
Whom you left resting in the hotel room
Because she walked too far in *stylish* boots
In downtown Chicago
And thus has an aching BACK….

And for sugar on the top,
You stop at the STARBUCKS
On the corner
To bring her a treat, too.

Love is-
Taking down the Christmas Tree
And all the ornaments
Sweeping up the needles
And mopping under the couches
{And cleaning all the windows}
{And doing all the dishes}
On a Saturday Morning
Before your wife
Even thinks about waking up
Because you know
She likes to sleep in on Saturdays…..

And for sugar on the top,
You take the dogs out of the bedroom with you
While you clean everything
Because you know they will bother her otherwise.

Love is -
Working all weekend
To install AWESOME *Fog lights*
Under the bumper
Of your wife’s mini-van
Complete with calling an electrician
{To figure out the circuit problem}
{On the special toggle switch}
Because you know
Her headlights aren’t bright enough
And you know it will make her
Extremely happy to have
The additional lighting on the road…..

And for sugar on the top,
You buy the kind that have that *blue-ish* tint
Because you know all she ever wanted
Was those really cool BLUE headlights
Like the expensive cars have.

I love you, Daniel.

Friday, January 15, 2010

FLASHBACK Friday - If I only KNEW......

It was October of 1994. As I recall, the original comment was “Hey Danny, what are you guys doing right now – could you come inside and help me? The bathtub faucet is leaking pretty bad, I think I need to replace it.” Dads phone call came out to the garage on a Friday Evening, as Dan, Katie and I lived in his garage for our first home. Dan hung up the phone and seemed to RUSH into the house to “assist” in this “quick little bathroom fix” with a glance over his shoulder and a “I’ll be right back, shouldn’t take long!”

If I only knew THEN what I know NOW.

After a couple of hours, I carried Katie into the main house to investigate. Wandering into the bathroom, I simply called out, “About finished?” The look on Dan’s face seemed to couple with the words on Dad’s lips, “Everything is FINE here!! We have it under control!!” As I walked out into the hallway, Robin gave me the look that seemed to say, “No it is NOT FINE in there, and they absolutely DO NOT have it under control.”

If I only knew THEN what I know NOW.

As midnight approached, us “girls” had been politely asked to “assist” in the project, as well. I believe the following list would complete our contribution to the project:
  • 5 trips to Menards to purchase various fittings, tape, glue, tools, etc.
Yep, that pretty much sums up the list.

To protect the egos of two men I love, I will refrain from mentioning the multiple occurrences in which we offered sound advice, which was either overlooked or dismissed, most likely because we were “girls”.

Also in an attempt to protect their egos, I will refrain from mentioning the 3 am episode in which an important tool fell through the floor into the crawlspace – which was so flooded there was no way to retrieve, or even FIND the important tool, therefore the “girls” were once again sent to Menards.

If I only knew THEN what I know NOW.

Two weeks, and hundreds of dollars later, the
*leaky faucet bathroom fix*
*ENTIRE beautiful bathroom remodel*

How did that happen you ask?

I didn’t know THEN what I know NOW.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thank you, Elias

Yesterday, my teeth could breathe again as my braces came off!!

I can't believe it's been a year and a half.
I can't believe after 35 years, I finally have straight teeth.

Thank you so much, Elias!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm afraid of change??

How do you know if YOU are a person that is deathly afraid of change?

A conversation I once had with my father:
Dad – “Kristie, why do you go to STARBUCKS on your way to work?”
Me – rolling eyes - “Duh, Dad….for the coffee……..hello…..”
Me (In my head) This guy makes a living off of being smart enough to help OTHER people with their problems?
Dad – “I disagree. That is not why you go to STARBUCKS everyday on your way to work.”
Me – “Excuse me? For goodness sake, dad….why else would I go there?”
Dad – “Because you ALWAYS go there. It’s part of your routine. And you are afraid of changing it.”
Me – “That is ridiculous! That is not why I go to STARBUCKS!”
Dad – “Ok, then. For ONE week try going to PANERA for coffee on your way to work.”
Me – “Why would I do that?”
Dad – “To prove it.”
Me – “Ok fine. I will!!”

Of course I never did.

SSShhhhh… I realized-
*he was RIGHT*
(please don't tell him)

How do I know I am a person who is deathly afraid of change?
After a year and a half, I am scheduled to get the braces off my teeth tomorrow.
Something deep inside of me really wants to call and cancel the appointment.

Yep, Im afraid of change alright…….

Monday, January 11, 2010

Have you ever had a day......

When you wake up in the morning
And you automatically know
That your WHOLE day will be the opposite
Of what you typically experience?

You’re reading on the couch at 6:15 am.
You lift your head as a big, fat, brown MOUSE runs across the floor
Under the closet door……..

Your DOG
  • Who barks constantly
  • All the time
  • At anything else
  • I mean
Lifts her head
And watches the mouse scurry across the floor
Then she proceeds to lay her head
BACK down on the couch
As if nothing has even happened

Your SON
  • Who actually left UNOPENED presents
  • Under the tree on Christmas morning
  • To run outside with a pellet gun
  • To kill a harmless squirrel
  • crossing through his yard
Lifts his head off the pillow
After you scream at him to “wake up”
Looks you in the eye
And says, “MOM. Mice live in houses.”
And rolls over and falls back asleep

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Song of the day

I really love this song.
I wish someone would have sent it to ME about a year ago.
So, I figured if YOU need it.....

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Congrats, Tyler!

Congratulations to Tyler, as he recently landed a LEAD role in the upcoming Spring Musical at WMAAA - Into the Woods, Jr. Tyler will play Jack [as in, Jack and the beanstalk], and is kinda nervous about his big solo debut, as he has a whole song for himself. The story is below - check it out, it looks like it will be a FUN production!

Into the Woods, Jr. is a musical that combines the stories of Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood, and Rapunzel with new characters to create an original story.

A witch visits a baker and his wife to explain that they are childless because of a curse. The witch explains that the baker and his wife can lift their curse if they get four ingredients for a magic potion.

During their search for the ingredients, the baker and his wife meet Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, Jack and Rapunzel and get involved with the fairy tale characters adventures.

Monday, January 4, 2010


If someday you are searching,
'cause I'm lost without a trace
you'll find me where my heart is warmed,
hiding on delaware place....

Saturday, January 2, 2010

"text" conversation of the week..... *RE-POST*

Welcome to *RE-POST* weekend, originally posted in January 09.

When my kids want something,
they TEXT......
(Common - it's the year 2009)

Katie: hey daddy. i was just wondering if today after skool i could hang out with my friends luke... and ralff (at lukes house) I loveyou bye

Dan: No

Katie: To make a script for english.... u can pick me uppp there laterrr?

Dan: No

Katie: I can't?

Dan: No

Katie: how come???

Dan: No

Katie: why not???

Dan: No 2 boys 1 girl not good

Katie: well ralfe might not be able to come?? and me and luke are like bestfriends??? I don't see the big deal??

Dan: No, and No

Katie: WHY Not???

Dan: No, No, No

Katie: arrghhhh...FINE!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Drive Thru Happenings *RE-POST*

Welcome to *RE-POST* Weekend, one of my favorites.......

What classifies a good 'Drive Thru ORDERER'?

You know - can you say:
"I'll have a number 4, minus the tomato, extra large fry with a diet coke"
all in one sentence and without the speaker asking you additional questions?

Or how about a whole car load of orders?

Let's just say, I feel confident in my "drive thru" ordering ability.

So, what happens when I "drive thru" when Dan's driving?


#1 - I hang over him out the window and do the official ordering for the entire car.


#2 - (see below)

Speaker: Welcome to Lee's Famous Recipe, Can I take your order?

Dan: Ya, thanks.

Speaker: Go ahead and order when you're ready.

Dan: Ok - I'm not ready. (To me: what should we get?)

Me: (To Dan: Just go ahead and order whatever you want, and then I will tell you my order so you can tell it to her)

Dan: (To me: What?) Ok. I'm still not ready.

Speaker: Ok - just go ahead and order when you're ready.

Dan: I'm not ready, but OK. (To me: Why does she keep saying that?)

Dan: Ok, I'll have a number 1.

Speaker: Ok, hang on a second.

Dan: What? Hello? Anybody there?

Me: (To Dan: Honey, she said to hang on a second.)

Dan: (To me: Why? she kept saying to go ahead when I'm ready - and now I'm ready.)

Dan: Hello?

Speaker: I'm sorry we are all out of Dark Meat - so, if you would like a number 1, the wait will be 20 minutes.

Dan: Oh. Well, I can't wait that long, so....... I guess I will have a number 4 - with a BREAST. That's not dark meat is it?

Speaker: No, it's fine, we have that.

Dan: Ok, I'll take the number 4.

Speaker: Ok, what sides would you like with that?

Dan: What do you mean, WHAT SIDES? What's a 'side'? (To me: What does she mean "what sides?)

Me and speaker at the same time: You get to pick 2 sides with the BREAST.

Dan: I just want the number 4. You know, like in the picture. But, I would like another biscuit.

Speaker: Ok, well, what sides would you like with it?

Dan: (To me: Why does she keep saying that?) I just want the number 4.

Speaker: Ok, what sides?

Me: (over top of Dan - yelling) - he'll take the coleslaw and an extra biscuit as his 2 sides.

Dan: (To me: what are you doing, I told her I wanted a number 4, there is coleslaw RIGHT IN THE PICTURE - she KNOWS that I want that!! Why are you telling her that again?)
I just want what's in the picture!!
(To me: why do they have a picture, if that is not what you get?)

Me: Dan, ssshhh, I am trying to hear her.

Speaker: Ok, anything else?

Dan: (To me: what do you want?)

Me: Tell her I want a number 4 with mashed potatoes and coleslaw, and a diet.

Dan: She wants the same as I got.

Speaker: Can you PLEASE pull forward. This does not seem to be working....

As we approached the window,
I expected the girl to say: "It's OK, you can have a number 1 now - the Dark Meat is done"