Thursday, January 21, 2010

Love is......

Love is -
Walking 2 blocks in the freezing cold
To the closest Rite-Aid
In downtown Chicago
To buy a Therma-Care Heatwrap
{And some ibuprofen}
{And a little stuffed dog}
For your wife
Whom you left resting in the hotel room
Because she walked too far in *stylish* boots
In downtown Chicago
And thus has an aching BACK….

And for sugar on the top,
You stop at the STARBUCKS
On the corner
To bring her a treat, too.

Love is-
Taking down the Christmas Tree
And all the ornaments
Sweeping up the needles
And mopping under the couches
{And cleaning all the windows}
{And doing all the dishes}
On a Saturday Morning
Before your wife
Even thinks about waking up
Because you know
She likes to sleep in on Saturdays…..

And for sugar on the top,
You take the dogs out of the bedroom with you
While you clean everything
Because you know they will bother her otherwise.

Love is -
Working all weekend
To install AWESOME *Fog lights*
Under the bumper
Of your wife’s mini-van
Complete with calling an electrician
{To figure out the circuit problem}
{On the special toggle switch}
Because you know
Her headlights aren’t bright enough
And you know it will make her
Extremely happy to have
The additional lighting on the road…..

And for sugar on the top,
You buy the kind that have that *blue-ish* tint
Because you know all she ever wanted
Was those really cool BLUE headlights
Like the expensive cars have.

I love you, Daniel.