Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Congrats, Dad!

My dad's book is finally here!
The big book-signing party is this weekend, and we are all very excited about it!!
Congrats, dad!

Check out
HIS Top Ten Reasons why you should attend his Book Signing Party -

#10 - Where else do you get free beer and pizza (well, at least one beer and a slice of pizza)?

#9 - Where else on January 30 at around 8:15ish will you get a free glass of champagne (well, at least a small sip of champagne in a plastic cup)?

#8 - Where else can can you kick the winter blahs with a party (other than the Super Bowl one week later)?

#7 - Where else can you get dressed up in formal gowns and a black tux (just kidding ... blue jeans and a Harley shirt will work for the author)?

#6 - Where else can you buy a book on a Saturday night (other than Barnes and Noble; Boarders Books,, etc.)?

#5 - Where else can you get a signed copy of a book by a successful author (well, a published author at least)?

#4 - Where else can you have your picture taken with a roundish bald guy who wrote a book (just kidding .. that's not a picture you probably want ... besides I think a grew a hair last week)?

#3 - Where else can you meet an author's wife who really is the brains and beauty behind the author (not kidding here)?

#2 - Where else can you meet an author's children and grandchildren (there will be plenty running around so you can bring yours too)?

And, the #1 reason you should attend David's book signing party:

#1 - Where else will I be able to say thank you and I am humbled to have you as my friend and that you would buy my book!!!


Aunt Juge said...

We will be there! =) I think you should write one next Trit! ;)

David Hulings said...

I agree. If she doesn't write one we will all miss out on an exciting writer. We are seeing her emerge on this blog.

Bonjernoor said...

I agree, your Blog is my favorite Kristie! Wish I could Blog like you! Miss everyone, give your Dad a hug from all of us! Love you guys!

Skot Lokers said...

Excited for your dad, Kristie! Can't wait to read it! Miss you guys!