Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm afraid of change??

How do you know if YOU are a person that is deathly afraid of change?

A conversation I once had with my father:
Dad – “Kristie, why do you go to STARBUCKS on your way to work?”
Me – rolling eyes - “Duh, Dad….for the coffee……..hello…..”
Me (In my head) This guy makes a living off of being smart enough to help OTHER people with their problems?
Dad – “I disagree. That is not why you go to STARBUCKS everyday on your way to work.”
Me – “Excuse me? For goodness sake, dad….why else would I go there?”
Dad – “Because you ALWAYS go there. It’s part of your routine. And you are afraid of changing it.”
Me – “That is ridiculous! That is not why I go to STARBUCKS!”
Dad – “Ok, then. For ONE week try going to PANERA for coffee on your way to work.”
Me – “Why would I do that?”
Dad – “To prove it.”
Me – “Ok fine. I will!!”

Of course I never did.

SSShhhhh…..today I realized-
*he was RIGHT*
(please don't tell him)

How do I know I am a person who is deathly afraid of change?
After a year and a half, I am scheduled to get the braces off my teeth tomorrow.
Something deep inside of me really wants to call and cancel the appointment.

Yep, Im afraid of change alright…….

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Aunt Juge said...

OMG....its time to get them off already!!!!!!!!????????? Even if you're afraid of change, aren't you excited to get those things OFF?!? I know I was! It was SO nice to not have all those scratchy things in your mouth all the time! ;)

As for being afraid of change ....I think you come by it honestly ;)lol