Friday, January 15, 2010

FLASHBACK Friday - If I only KNEW......

It was October of 1994. As I recall, the original comment was “Hey Danny, what are you guys doing right now – could you come inside and help me? The bathtub faucet is leaking pretty bad, I think I need to replace it.” Dads phone call came out to the garage on a Friday Evening, as Dan, Katie and I lived in his garage for our first home. Dan hung up the phone and seemed to RUSH into the house to “assist” in this “quick little bathroom fix” with a glance over his shoulder and a “I’ll be right back, shouldn’t take long!”

If I only knew THEN what I know NOW.

After a couple of hours, I carried Katie into the main house to investigate. Wandering into the bathroom, I simply called out, “About finished?” The look on Dan’s face seemed to couple with the words on Dad’s lips, “Everything is FINE here!! We have it under control!!” As I walked out into the hallway, Robin gave me the look that seemed to say, “No it is NOT FINE in there, and they absolutely DO NOT have it under control.”

If I only knew THEN what I know NOW.

As midnight approached, us “girls” had been politely asked to “assist” in the project, as well. I believe the following list would complete our contribution to the project:
  • 5 trips to Menards to purchase various fittings, tape, glue, tools, etc.
Yep, that pretty much sums up the list.

To protect the egos of two men I love, I will refrain from mentioning the multiple occurrences in which we offered sound advice, which was either overlooked or dismissed, most likely because we were “girls”.

Also in an attempt to protect their egos, I will refrain from mentioning the 3 am episode in which an important tool fell through the floor into the crawlspace – which was so flooded there was no way to retrieve, or even FIND the important tool, therefore the “girls” were once again sent to Menards.

If I only knew THEN what I know NOW.

Two weeks, and hundreds of dollars later, the
*leaky faucet bathroom fix*
*ENTIRE beautiful bathroom remodel*

How did that happen you ask?

I didn’t know THEN what I know NOW.


Bonjernoor said...

Memories! I remember this very clearly! LOL

Aunt Juge said...

That men need to listen to women from the begining! ? ;)

Robin said...

This brings back so many great memories. Your father has come a long way though, you have to admit. LOL