Thursday, November 4, 2010


Respect is honoring and humbling. Respect is something you can only EARN, you aren’t automatically given it….it takes a long time to earn it sometimes. Maybe even a decade. Or slightly longer. If you’ve properly earned it with some people, you most likely have earned it with ALMOST all people. Like 95% of people. But, sometimes, a decade – or slightly longer – is not long enough to earn it from the other 5%. Sometimes the other 5%, regardless of what your character demonstrates, are too afraid to respect you, too. As that would indicate that they think you have a GOOD character, and that would also indicate that they thought their character was similar to yours. But, in all actuality, their character isn’t like yours. In fact, although they can’t realize why, they have a hard time earning respect….

So, instead, the other 5% point out your faults to others, they laugh at you and say things like “…..well, you’re just popular….”

But, what really is “popular”?

  • Respect is *exiting a community of people* and receiving an outpouring of support that you are unable to describe in words.
  • Respect is receiving so many gifts that your kitchen table is over-flowing.
  • Respect is reading letter, after letter, after letter, after letter that points out all of your strengths.
  • Respect is little hugs from small children who miss you after a week of you being gone.
  • Respect is reading a poem from children where you are described as responsible, honest, caring, helpful, gracious and loving.
  • Respect is now having enough STARBUCKS gift-cards to last a lifetime.
  • Respect is when your former comrades still want to hang out with you daily, even though you no longer work next to them.
  • Respect is reading a letter from children where you are adored for your talents, and thanked for your service.
  • Respect is when the person you *respect* most says, “you did the RIGHT thing, Kristie….you were gracious until the end.”

Respect is so many more things……

So, you see, “POPULAR” just isn’t the right word.

You’re using the wrong word choice, my dear 5%.

The right word would actually be “RESPECTED”…..

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Poem of the day.....

One of Us

Someday, the light will shine like a sun
through my skin and they will say
what have you done with your life?
& though there are many moments I think I will remember
in the end,
I will be proud to say,
I was one of us.....

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Poem of the day.....

Mrs. Cook
by Mrs. Lankamp's 1st Grade Class

My favorite friend
Ready to help
Sweet as a rose

Coolest office person
Over worker
Outstanding mom to us
Keeps us safe

Monday, November 1, 2010

Poem of the day......

Reflecting Back and Looking Forward......
Created by The 6th Grade Class of WMAAA
October 2010

As a new chapter in your life begins,
remember we'll always be your friends.
It will be rough when you go,
but we know you'll put on a great show.
All the performances, k-8,
you've never, ever, ever, been late.
Your desk was always squeaky clean,
we give you the award of "Ultimate Clean Queen"!
Mrs. Cook, you're always on the ball,
you make sure to help us if we fall.
If we needed to call home,
you always let us use the phone,
and hopefully we didn't break a bone.
You are kind of like the ring-leader of our circus.
What will we do without your service?
Remember our Kindergarten trip to Pizza Hut?
Well this year in Chi-town, the deep dish pizza will top that
kindergarten cut!
Amongst yourself you are very grand,
but even better with a Starbucks CDL in your hand.
A natural photographer is what you are,
with a camera in your hand, you're a superstar.
We all know you have mad tech skills,
but beware of the drink spills!
Keep your laptop close to your heart,
but never let it fall apart.
Your computer holds treasured memories,
whenever you miss us just press the keys,
and you will see where you used to be.
Your smile is as bright as the sun,
now it's time to have some new found fun!