Saturday, January 2, 2010

"text" conversation of the week..... *RE-POST*

Welcome to *RE-POST* weekend, originally posted in January 09.

When my kids want something,
they TEXT......
(Common - it's the year 2009)

Katie: hey daddy. i was just wondering if today after skool i could hang out with my friends luke... and ralff (at lukes house) I loveyou bye

Dan: No

Katie: To make a script for english.... u can pick me uppp there laterrr?

Dan: No

Katie: I can't?

Dan: No

Katie: how come???

Dan: No

Katie: why not???

Dan: No 2 boys 1 girl not good

Katie: well ralfe might not be able to come?? and me and luke are like bestfriends??? I don't see the big deal??

Dan: No, and No

Katie: WHY Not???

Dan: No, No, No

Katie: arrghhhh...FINE!


~Kristie~ said...

The funniest thing about this post -

Katie: (after she realized I posted it on the blog) - "Mom.", (in her VERY STRONG '14-year old girl' accent) "I don't even see WHY you think this is funny - like, I don't even get it. Like, what is so funny about that?"

Tyler: "Katie, the funny part is that Dad actually "texted" someone back...."

Jenni said...

I stumbled across your blog by accident (I googled WMAAA) and I just want to say I've thoroughly enjoyed reading it. This post had me laughing. It sounds so much like Madison. (This is Madison Flatman's mom from school). Anyways, enjoyed reading!

~Kristie~ said...

Welcome, Jenni!

Wasn't it funny that Madison had Eyliana & Eyliana had Madison for SECRET SANTA? Too cute!

Kendra said...

we thought this conversation was hilarious. Tony said he is sure he will have this exact same conversation with Rae Ann in a few years.

Jenni said...

Yes I thought that was very funny. Madison loved her stuff. She had a great time with the secret santa.

Aunt Juge said...

LOL......typical teenager!!! Im glad Dan stuck to his guns!!!! Some parents would have "caved" by the 5th time! Goes to show you just HOW MANY Times a teenager will ask something if they don't get the answer they want the first time!!!