Friday, January 1, 2010

Drive Thru Happenings *RE-POST*

Welcome to *RE-POST* Weekend, one of my favorites.......

What classifies a good 'Drive Thru ORDERER'?

You know - can you say:
"I'll have a number 4, minus the tomato, extra large fry with a diet coke"
all in one sentence and without the speaker asking you additional questions?

Or how about a whole car load of orders?

Let's just say, I feel confident in my "drive thru" ordering ability.

So, what happens when I "drive thru" when Dan's driving?


#1 - I hang over him out the window and do the official ordering for the entire car.


#2 - (see below)

Speaker: Welcome to Lee's Famous Recipe, Can I take your order?

Dan: Ya, thanks.

Speaker: Go ahead and order when you're ready.

Dan: Ok - I'm not ready. (To me: what should we get?)

Me: (To Dan: Just go ahead and order whatever you want, and then I will tell you my order so you can tell it to her)

Dan: (To me: What?) Ok. I'm still not ready.

Speaker: Ok - just go ahead and order when you're ready.

Dan: I'm not ready, but OK. (To me: Why does she keep saying that?)

Dan: Ok, I'll have a number 1.

Speaker: Ok, hang on a second.

Dan: What? Hello? Anybody there?

Me: (To Dan: Honey, she said to hang on a second.)

Dan: (To me: Why? she kept saying to go ahead when I'm ready - and now I'm ready.)

Dan: Hello?

Speaker: I'm sorry we are all out of Dark Meat - so, if you would like a number 1, the wait will be 20 minutes.

Dan: Oh. Well, I can't wait that long, so....... I guess I will have a number 4 - with a BREAST. That's not dark meat is it?

Speaker: No, it's fine, we have that.

Dan: Ok, I'll take the number 4.

Speaker: Ok, what sides would you like with that?

Dan: What do you mean, WHAT SIDES? What's a 'side'? (To me: What does she mean "what sides?)

Me and speaker at the same time: You get to pick 2 sides with the BREAST.

Dan: I just want the number 4. You know, like in the picture. But, I would like another biscuit.

Speaker: Ok, well, what sides would you like with it?

Dan: (To me: Why does she keep saying that?) I just want the number 4.

Speaker: Ok, what sides?

Me: (over top of Dan - yelling) - he'll take the coleslaw and an extra biscuit as his 2 sides.

Dan: (To me: what are you doing, I told her I wanted a number 4, there is coleslaw RIGHT IN THE PICTURE - she KNOWS that I want that!! Why are you telling her that again?)
I just want what's in the picture!!
(To me: why do they have a picture, if that is not what you get?)

Me: Dan, ssshhh, I am trying to hear her.

Speaker: Ok, anything else?

Dan: (To me: what do you want?)

Me: Tell her I want a number 4 with mashed potatoes and coleslaw, and a diet.

Dan: She wants the same as I got.

Speaker: Can you PLEASE pull forward. This does not seem to be working....

As we approached the window,
I expected the girl to say: "It's OK, you can have a number 1 now - the Dark Meat is done"


Aunt Juge said...

LOL...LOL.....Sounds like us when we go threw the drive threw! (when Jerry's driving of course) ;)....I have learned , no matter WHAT......the WIFE needs to figure out EXACTLY what needs to be said ....and if she can't yell out the husbands window, she just has to tell him WORD for WORD , exactly what to say.......;) You just can't let the husband try to talk to the speaker on his own.....sorry Dan!

Kendra said...