Thursday, December 31, 2009

This Page Intentionally Left Blank *RE-POST*

A FUN *RE-POST* from September of 2008........

I consider myself a “smart” person.
You know the type.
Seriously, it’s a problem.
My husband says - It’s a “Hulings” thing.
(my maiden name)
According to Dan - (We all think we are smarter than we really are)
And, it’s the worst when we all get together.
we all talk to each other
like we are SMARTER than we really are
in order to sound smart
in front of each other.

Dan hates it.

(Between you and me - Dan really has no idea how smart we REALLY are)

For those of you that are still reading,
Here is an example:

I WISH with all of my heart,
that I had been the one that wrote the following statement.

SERIOUSLY, I “COULD HAVE” written this.
(in fact, my brother may have written it)

'This Page Intentionally Left Blank' could be one of the oddest sentences in the English language. Found in instruction manuals around the world, it indicates that the page on which it appears has been purposely left empty of words or pictures. But once this phrase has been printed on the page, the page is no longer blank; in fact, it is intentionally not blank. Therefore, this statement is only correct when it has not yet been made. Once it has been written down, it is instantly wrong. By virtue of self-reference, the phrase is denying its own existence and contradicts itself.

Thank you to the genius that wrote down my exact thoughts.
(Thanks, Tony. I’m sure it was you…..)


Tony said...

As much as you wish that I would have wrote that, I assure you that I did not. I alone as a Hulings am smarter than that. I would have stated that the phrase is merely there to explain to the "other" people why there is nothing on the page. If in fact the world were as smart as we are, we would not have to leave obvious explanations around for the world to view. Honestly, I thought you knew me better than that? It is apparent to me that the cookness in you is taking over. We need to get together and talk about physics.

A wise man once said, "Those who think they know everything annoy those of us that do"

~Kristie~ said...

See - NOW THAT IS WHAT I'm talkin' about.

My brother is a genius.
Enough said.

Grandma KIM said...

...OF COURSE I have smart children (more than most) they had an EXCEPTIONALLY SMART gene-pool from which they were created!!!

So this mom HAS to point out Tony, (sorry) that it is spoken/written "that I would have WRITTEN that" not "I would have WROTE that" wouldn't you think your mom would let up at SOME POINT of your life?

(Kristie - I hear you laughing and I KNOW you wanted to say the SAME THING!!!!) :-) Love you BOTH very intelligent children!

Tony said...

I intentionally left that as wrote so that other people could "think" that they are smarter than I am. You gotta throw em a bone every now and then...

Grandma KIM said...

......right on smarty pants!

~Kristie~ said...

I forgot to mention that we are ALSO

always right

about any subject


Grandma KIM said...

...WHO do you get THAT from????

Anonymous said...

LOL @ ALL of you! I can actually "hear" all of you as if I was sitting right there listening to this! Makes me miss you all and the days of sitting around Granny's table listening to this kind of stuff first hand, very often! Now it's too few and far in between! Love you all! xoxoxo