Thursday, July 29, 2010

FLASHBACK - Nightime Reading with Eyli

When she was little, it was back when reading was the IN thing to do with your kids. You know, right when everyone discovered “READING to them” would determine if they were a good kid or bad kid when they grew up. She loved this concept as she was a little reader from the minute she could hold a book. Most of her nighttime stories consisted of a dog named Biscuit, and his adventures. Mostly because SHE could actually READ the books to us, and let’s face it – by the 3rd child, you would rather just lay there and have them do all the work. Because you were most likely sleeping instead of reading anyway.

When I searched for a photo of Eyliana with a book, I found about 20. So, I went with the one above, basically because I miss the days when the kids ran around with their pacis in their mouths.

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Aunt Juge said...

She's so sweet! =).....boy those were the days when you got to put a "plug" in their mouths to keep them quiet! ;) You'd think they'd figure something out like that to keep teenagers quiet!? ;)