Saturday, November 1, 2008

Swiss Cake Rolls

Dear Andy -

I know I've been told, that I should not send you too many letters, and cards. So, I decided to write your letters here on my blog. That way, if you are able to sneak into the OFFICERS QUARTERS, and get onto their laptops, you could just read the letters here. Feel free to leave a comment or two, so I know that you've read them.
(Post the comment anonymously, so as to hide the evidence.)
(Actually, write the comment in TOTAL secret code, so no one can prove that you were on their laptop)

As I was thinking of you yesterday, I began to feel sorry for you -
FOR HEAVENS SAKE - I'm sure there are no LITTLE DEBBIES at boot camp!!!
So, YESTERDAY I proceeded to eat a SWISS CAKE ROLL, in memory of our wonderful times together. For some reason, it didn't seem quite the same without you. :(

So, I then proceeded to eat another SWISS CAKE ROLL, for you.

(Yes, another entire package.)

I love you,
Your Big Sis

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