Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dear Andy -

We watched the new 24-REDEMPTION Sunday night. It was the best 24 yet (take my word for it)!! I thought it was a 2-hour Season Premiere. Turns out it was a 2-hour TEASE. Apparently, we won’t be able to watch any more episodes until January.

Did you watch it? Probably not, because the American Music Awards were on at the same time – so, you guys were probably watching that.

Common, don’t tell me that now that you’re the Cheif Honcho over there, that they don’t give you TV time?? You’re probably sitting there drinking STARBUCKS right now reading my letters. (I know…..Without the whip cream, of course.)

Your Big Sis

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Paul and Jackie said...

Our FAVORITE show! Somehow, It was quite depressing thinking about how real and horrible that reality is in Africa (and other places).