Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I married a bus driver

Like every other small business, Cook Underground, Inc. has felt the impact of the Michigan Economy. This winter, Dan will be making some extra money by driving around in a bus.

Because he already had his CDL license, it was a matter of him taking some “bus driving” classes over the past weeks before he could officially “drive” kids around.

He will start by driving the “field trip” bus for Tyler and Eyli’s school. And hopefully, he will be able to pick up some shifts as a “sub” at local schools in the area.

Last week, he took his first field trip to Grand Rapids with the WMAAA 4th graders.

Phone Call –

Kristie: West Michigan Academy, this is Kristie.
Dan: Hello, this is the WMAAA Bus Driver.
Kristie: Yes, what can I do for you?
Dan: I am just calling to let dispatch know that the 4th grade has safely arrived at their destination.
Kristie: We don’t have any “dispatch” here.
Dan: (I know, babe, I’m suppose to call into “dispatch” when we arrive.)
Kristie: OHHHH, Ok, thank you for calling, Bus-Driver!!
Dan: I will let you know when we leave to come back to school.
Kristie: Will you take me on a date tonight?
(The Bus Driver is HOT!)


Anonymous said...

Only if you get to go on your date with the Bus Driver in his "work" vehicle ! THAT should be FUN! ;) Try going "parking" in THAT thing!! LOL

p.s. since when does the school have a bus? or do you rent one? maybe he should try subbing for fruitport....wouldn't THAT be a kick if he got to take Jess to school one day! ;)

Anonymous said...


Kimi said...

The wheels on the bus used to 'round and 'round 'til Dan Cook got the keys!

~Kristie~ said...

Welcome back, JEFFY - I've missed you around here!!

~Kristie~ said...

KIMI - Welcome!!!
Did you start your own blog, yet??

~Kristie~ said...

Mrs. Kalke - Congrats, AND
I think Dan is planning to call Fruitport.....

We'll see if he gets that route. :)

Kimi said...

You inspire me, but not that much! But if I ever do start to blog, you'll be the first to know. In the mean time, I think I'll live vicariously through your blogging.

~Kristie~ said...

I've been begging you to show up around here for MONTHS!

amy said...

I keep telling Tony that he would make a great, or at least an interesting, bus driver. The two of them together on the road might be a dangerous combo though!

Grandma KIM said...

Now why weren't there bus drivers like THAT when I was a kid???

....oh ya Dan, I didn't ride the bus..I walked to school - shucks - if I had a bus driver, I wished he would have looked JUST LIKE YOU! (I don't think Fruitport would have let YOU drive back in the 60's!) :-)