Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dear Andy -

Now, that we can "Send" real letters -
This is just me "catching up".
  • Jamie got a new puppy! I haven't seen him yet, but his name is TYSON - and he is a beagle mix.
  • Dad started a new church - Faith Harbor - and Dan and I are excited to start serving! On our first Sunday, last week, we had 46 people in attendance!!!
  • Cook Underground isn't doing that good, so Dan is now DRIVING A SCHOOL BUS. He went back and finished getting his "P" and "S" endorsement so he could drive our school to field trips!!! He loves it!
  • Dan did not see ONE deer when he was "hunting" in the woods - he did, however, see a deer on the way up to the woods. It was standing on the side of the road, bleeding out of it's mouth. My husband got out of his truck, chased the deer through the woods, jumped on its back, stabbed it in the heart, and slit it's throat. NO, I'm serious. (He was attempting to save it from suffering, because he figured it must have gotten hit by a car) I'll let him tell you the story over Christmas.
  • Eyli has a piano party today - you would not believe how well she is playing, now!! She's come a long way since - Ballerina Bears (or whatever that song was called) :)
  • Tyler is playing indoor soccer and they win every game like 13-2.
  • Katie is LOVING highschool, (a WHOLE SCHOOL of girls just like her - Ya, it's wonderful......)
  • We are going to Thanksgiving at moms new house. I am trying to convince her that we should "Deep fry" the Turkey this year!! We'll see how that goes :) We will miss you........
I'll write more in the coming weeks.
Keep in mind - I ATTEMPTED to send Swiss Cake Rolls with this letter. If you didn't get them - they must've confiscated them.

Bummer for you.....

Love You,
Your Big Sis

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Aunt Juge said...

What a wonderful big sis you are :) xoxoxo