Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day to my husband

If you haven't read
you won't understand this post.

WHY do I always talk about SOCKS, you ask?
Well, at our house, SOCKS are always a topic of discussion. When I asked Dan - 'What do you want for Father's Day?' - He said - 'SERIOUSLY, the ONLY thing I want is NO MORE SOCK PILE!!'
Because he NEVER reads my blog, I am SAFE to finish this post. Now, what happens when you match AN entire basket of SOCKS?

Right, you have some left over. And you play MEMORY until you can't any more.

Eyliana says - "Dad told me, after you match the socks, you throw away whatever you have left"

Really - well, what if I find the matches some day?? What if they magically appear out of the dryer the next time I do laundry?

Don't tell Dan - but, I did keep them, I STARTED a BRAND NEW (miniature) SOCK BASKET in the Utility Closet behind the door.


Happy Father's Day, Dan!!

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SoulTattoo said...

So funny - and Oh so true! Kristie, I have a friend that wrote a book, that I dont believe she ever got published but it is called Sockland and I am going to send it to you!