Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wanna SAVE money at STARBUCKS?

I got a great tip for anyone that wants to save money at STARBUCKS.

If - you know that your dad goes to STARBUCKS every day.

And, if - you know the approximate time he shows up there.

Wait in your car in the STARBUCKS parking lot.......

When he shows up, CUT IN FRONT OF HIM in the drive-thru line.

If he's a nice dad, he will: OFFER TO BUY THE 'YOUNG LADY'S DRINK' IN FRONT OF HIM.

NICE !!!


Love You!


~Kristie~ said...

I also ordered a PASSIONFRUIT iced tea - with melon (to save for lunch) - he paid for that, too! It was a happy day!

SoulTattoo said...

How did he pay for the drink in front of him if you got there first? oh wait, I get it (when he ordered...) I guess I havent had caffeine yet this morning... I am trying to be good and not have Starbucks!!! I WANT ONE!!! Dang it Kristie, I really want a Triple Grande Extra Hot Carmel Macchiato!!! Thanks K!

~Kristie~ said...

OK - T - Last time you said that, I thought you were joking! What do you mean - NO STARBUCKS??? I mean - you can't even have a "tall" - like once a week? Are you trying to save money? Or count calories?
Because I am such a bad influence - I'll buy (I have $5 left of my yesterday money) -
Can't you just add the word NON-FAT, and be fine with the calorie thingy??

Grandma KIM said...

Now here's how I WOULD DO IT....... cut in front of him in the line, and then say, "the guy behind me is paying!" (David, just WHEN do you show up at Starbucks drive through anyway????)

Anonymous said...

Glad you liked the coffee. But, I had to swear off the Starbucks the rest of the week!!! The day before a police officer from Fruitport was in line and I was inside and told them I would pay for it. The next day I bought Kristie's. The next day the same officers was in front of me and I bought his. The next day I went to Subway and got a free water :)))

~Kristie~ said...

Dad - you need to just stick to BUYING your own - You're gonna go BROKE!
PS: I don't know if anyone told you this yet,but Police Officers GET FREE COFFEE at STARBUCKS. You don't need to pay for them to get it. (My friend works there and she told me this)

PSS: Maybe if you wear your "FRUITPORT POLICE" shirt - they will give YOU free coffee, too.