Saturday, June 7, 2008

How old am I?

You know how on your birthday everyone asks you "so, do you feel any older?" - and you feel LIKE, THE SAME WAY YOU FELT YESTERDAY? You don't feel any older, you still feel 17 - (ONLY with three kids, a dog, a house, a mortgage, a full-time job, and a Harley).

You know when I feel old? It's after experiences, not birthdays.

My baby girl graduated from 8th grade this week. I've waited like 2 days to BLOG about it, as I am an emotional wreck. I'll spare you the BIG LONG POST about my feelings, maybe someday.......

Katie, Me and Carina (her BFF)
Katie, Daddy, and Carina
Katie getting her diploma
The President (Katie) and Vice-President (Shane) giving their speech - (it was actually REALLY good)
BFF's - Katie, Carina and Po (yes, Katie was crying)
Katie and Shane - Her friend that's a boy
With Aunt Jamie - who helped the 8th graders with their CLASS SONG
With Grandma Robin and Grandpa
With Uncle Dave and Aunt Anne and girls
Four Generations, Mom, Katie, Grandma Kim and Grandma Scheffler
Katie and her 4 teachers
Mom and Dad and the graduate
Katie - Yelling at me - "MOM - Stop taking my picture!"


SoulTattoo said...

WOW! How awesome. I love these moments in life. Katie is so beautiful and you certainly don't look old so rock on sista! I look forward to these days!



You are such an awesome mom.

So Blessed!

Katie's going to highschool.
OMG! HIghschool feels like yesterday.

Paul and Jackie said...

You aren't the only one feeling old.................Thanks! :)