Friday, June 20, 2008

Try it after you buy it

Ok, so I've never watched that NEWS SHOW - where they try things out, so you don't have to buy them, and then they tell you if it's worth the money. I'm more of the - BUY IT - then if it doesn't work - throw it away and don't complain about it - type of gal.

So, for those of you that know me - this post is not really a true REFLECTION of my character.

'Target' is my downfall. They always DRESS everything up to look better than it is.

You know what I mean. I'm walking down the deodorant aisle, and there's a cool display of this "Clinical Protection" deodorant. I look both ways to make sure I'm the only one in the aisle. (Cause let's face it - who wants to admit that they MAY need "protection without a prescription.")

I've been wanting to try that stuff!!

"Unbeatable Wetness Protection - Dermatologist Tested" - and it even comes INSIDE a box. WOW! It must work really good!!

On the back USES:
  • Reduces underarm wetness
  • 24 hour protection
  • extra effective
SWEET - everything I've been looking for!

So, I paid $7.99 for deodorant. All I can say is - Thank God my grandma doesn't have internet, and can't read my blog.

I threw away the rest of my XX ARRID Extra Dry, and wore my really new WHITE SHIRT.

After all, I WAS PROTECTED!!

Honestly, I have not smelled that bad in years!!!

Unfortunately, I will head back to the store today - to buy more XX ARRID Extra Dry.

As I'm "complaining" to my husband about it - he looks at me with the "I have no sympathy for you" LOOK in his eyes - and says - "Well, really, who's the idiot?"

So, I decided to blog about it.


Paul and Jackie said...

Too funny!!!!!! So you don't feel alone, I've debated that brand, too. Guess I'll skip it! :)


SoulTattoo said...

I was half expecting to see a comment from Kelly. I have one in my drawer, basically because Kelly tried it, didnt work wonders, didnt want to trow away $8 so gave it to me :) Funny Story!