Sunday, April 20, 2008


My grandma says, “When I die, it will not say ‘Great Housekeeper’ on my grave”. Well, this is not the first time I’ve realized that I take after my grandma. You’ll notice in my “interests” section of this blog, that I do not include ~ SORTING SOCKS ~ as one of the FUN things I like to do. What is the purpose of matching socks? Let’s face it - it is so much fun to wake up 5 minutes earlier, just because you may need to #1. Dump over the sock basket and #2. Pick through the pile to find a matching pair. Right?

Unfortunately, my dearest husband does not share my vision on this subject. For some reason, that I can not relate to, he insists that it would be a good PRACTICE if WE would get in the habit of MATCHING the socks. (He claims something about ‘…not wanting to buy new ones, when we have some right here……’ ~ I don’t know, I wasn’t really paying attention).

For those of you that are really smart, YES – I probably could have matched A LOT of socks in the time it took me to write a BLOG about SOCKS.

On Saturday, our good friends Isaac, Isabelle and Iliana came to visit for the evening. I became quite ecstatic when I realized that Dan had given up on expecting US to match the socks ~ but, instead, had used his BRILLIANT mind to trick them into doing it. I believe a FREE Harley ride may have sealed the deal. Half way through the process, the kids decided to make SOCK puppets, and put on a puppet show!

For those of you that may be wondering, I woke up this morning, and instead of having a BIG SOCK BASKET full of unmatched socks, I had a BIG SOCK BASKET ½ full of unmatched socks. I also had 3 piles of matched SOCKS all over the family room floor. Which I then had to pick up and put in the BIG SOCK BASKET, on top of the unmatched socks. I NOW have a BIG SOCK BASKET – ½ full of unmatched socks, and ½ full of matched socks.

I’m so glad we got that taken care of.

What can I say, I have other talents.
And, luckily, I usually listen to my grandma…….


SoulTattoo said...

The real questions is... how long do you hold on to the un-matched socks before you toss them??? Huh?

Anonymous said...

LOL....I agree with you Kristie!! I have a basket JUST like that at MY house!! I figure the LEAST they (the other people in the house) can do is go threw the basket to find their own socks!!! I sort all the rest of their clothes!! ;)