Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tyler's Spring Soccer Schedule

Because Tyler will once again be on the FRUITPORT FIRE travel team this season, here is his Spring Soccer schedule! You can also access schedules and maps at ~ he is U11 Boys Yellow on that website ~

Saturday 4-19-08 - 1:00 pm AWAY (WMFJ MCMahon)
Saturday 4-26-08 - 2:30 pm AWAY (SCOR Manett)
Saturday 5-3-08 - 4:30 pm - HOME (I think home is Beach School)
Saturday 5-10-08 - 12:00 pm - AWAY (Central Shoreline)
Saturday 5-17-08 - 3:00 pm - HOME
Saturday 5-31-08 - 3:00 pm - HOME
Saturday 6-7-08 - 3:00 pm - HOME
Saturday 6-14-08 - 3:30 pm - AWAY (Alliance Rapids)

I will attempt to post a blog for directions before every game! Go FIRE!


Anonymous said...

Let me know if beach school is for sure where his home games are. Id love to go see him play!!!!

The Puckett's said...

Are any of those games close to Holland? --or Is Home the closest one - let me know ok. It's always fun to go to a game!!