Sunday, September 7, 2008

the (REAL) LIFE in a DAY of the COOKS

I'm taking a huge leap posting this video.
This is REAL life at the Cooks.
Not just the FILTERED, "good kid" stuff.....

What do my kids do when they are un-supervised?

1. They call each other names, and tell each other what to do.
2. They dare to use inappropriate language, but aren't smart enough to realize that their actions are on VIDEO TAPE (on a video camera belonging to their mother).
3. They use 'DAN'ERISM's with pride (in fact, I think "attending to throw this in the dumpster" could be considered a 'TYLER'ISM).
4. They destroy perfectly good pottery for no good reason except to have fun.
5. They climb into DIRTY dumpsters WEARING BRAND NEW WHITE soccer jerseys that cost me $130.00 (no, I'm not kidding you).
6. They have fun together (and would make great little bloggers)......

The best/worst part about this video is that it makes me realize how much a child learns from their parents. (Mostly their dad :))

Our family is full of life.
That's just how it is around here.
People always say to me "Wow, you guys are so fun"
Except, we just see all that STUFF as EVERYDAY life.

Welcome to -
the (REAL) LIFE in a DAY of the COOKS


Anonymous said...

lmAO!!!!!!!! :))) What's even funnier you realize not only is Tyler just like his father....Katie's just like you! lol....It was like watching a "mini-me" version of you and Dan! ;)

Rachel said...

I think those kids had a great time smashing a piece of pottery. Who knew something that simple could be so fun? Your daughter has some serious hate issues with that pot...hehe :) Glad she feels better now. I know their mother is so proud!