Friday, September 26, 2008

Pet Peeve of the month

I love these people who drive 55 in the left lane.

Are you really supposed to ONLY pass in the left lane? Is that a real law?

It doesn't usually bother me. I just follow along behind, always at 4 car lengths in case they stop fast (I rear ended someone once). BUT, when it's a day when I'm stressed about something else........

I wait for the exact right moment
I speed up slightly
I get in the right lane
Hit the gas
and attempt to "Pass on the Right".
And don't you know,
right at that exact moment
the person decides
that they really should be
following the REAL LAW
and they begin driving 75 in the left lane
in order to prevent me
from passing on the right.
Which means,
I have never successfully
passed anyone on the right.
Good thing,
Cause I think it's a law
that you can only pass
on the left.

I'm not sure, though.


Rachel said... crack me up! I've done that too.

Anonymous said...

LOL....I bet it was a M-A-N driving! It never fails! They can be going 55mph for 20 miles, and the minute a WOMAN tries to pass them, they speed up! Doesn't matter WHAT side you try passing on! They can't be passed by a WOMAN!