Saturday, September 13, 2008

Five things I HEART.......(alot)

I HEART STARBUCKS. No explanation needed.

These are my VERY FAVORITE shoes - I've actually worn them with dress pants, because I can't stand wearing any other shoes.

This is my new favorite PURSE PRODUCT - Why didn't they come out with these earlier?? They actually work!!!!

Now, I may be getting carried away, but when you have BRACES on your teeth - a nice little "WAX KIT" comes in very handy.

I heart this man. I am a lucky woman. Do you know Dan? No more explanation needed.


Skot Lokers said...

How did your husband come in 5th place behind wax for your teeth?

~Kristie~ said...

Skot - Have you ever had braces???? - you NEED wax!!!

Just kidding - These were not listed in any particular order....

OBVIOUSLY, I heart my husband more than wax and shoes.
I guess I was "saving the best for last".....

~Kristie~ said...

Dear Anonymous (and you know exactly who you are) -

1. I know I appear to be a nice person, but seriously - you are starting to piss me off.

2. If you aren't going to leave your name, or website address - quit leaving comments on my blog.

3. Feel free to email Dan or I if you have a concern about us, or our blog- OR

4. I've wasted too much time talking to you already.

Anonymous said...

LOL....I said the same thing out loud to myself, you did Kristie, when I read the comment about Dan coming in AFTER wax for braces! "Have you ever had BRACES??!!"
They can be VERY painful.....and that wax is a miracle worker! ;)