Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wednesday Worship - Guest Blogger

I've been asking MILLIONS of people to "guest blog" here at theLIFEinaDAYoftheCOOKS. FINALLY, someone took me seriously, and realized they couldn't pass up the incredible opportunity!!

Meet, My Dad, David.

I love apple pie. Whenever I go to a restaurant and order desert I first look at the type of apple pie they have. I am not sure how many versions of apple pie there are but over the past 50 years or so I have tasted most. Most are completely different from the other but all have one thing in common ... the apples and crust. Apparently you can do a lot with apples and crust, however. Each is distinctively different but with a common theme of apples and crust. Worship is a lot like that. Each style of worship we see in churches and in individual lives looks different from the other but should contain a general theme ... the apple and the crust. But, what is the apple and the crust part of worship we all should have as the main ingredient of our worship? At our weekly Bible study we will be looking at the Scriptures in hopes to discover the apple and the crust of worship.

Our BIBLE STUDY (NOW) meets at the Cook House on Friday's at 7:30 - join us if you can.


Skot Lokers said...

I love that image! I like your dad!

~Kristie~ said...

I know - he's cool!

yeager_79 said...

We've been *loving* the Bible study!! I was bummed to miss it, but hopefully we'll be there this week.