Thursday, September 18, 2008

Biscotti Jar

You may recall when my kids shared their First Blog Post.

I have had 3 people tell me, in the last couple of days, that the BISCOTTI jar that they smashed was an antique. And it was probably worth a ton of money.


God decides to bless me, and send me the extra money I need - in the form of a Biscotti Jar.

And I allow my children to smash it - just for fun.

Yep - that pretty much sums "me" up.

Today, I'll pray for God to send me wisdom.


Heather Ross said...

Atleast you can tell your grandkids someday "I would buy you that awesome car you want, but your mom/dad smashed all the "fun money" into the dumpster!" Then you'll always be the good guy!

Anonymous said...

that is SO something that would happen to me!! :)

Rachel Rowell said...

LOL.....made me laugh!!!!! That is so funny. Ok, well, it's really not. But me replaying your kids smashing a valuable jar makes me smile big!