Sunday, July 20, 2008


Sunday is my favorite!!
Have I said that before?
Yep, I have.

I don't have pictures or video to share.
I don't have a compelling message of God's word to share.
I don't have a funny play on words to share.

I just know that today I had a TON of fun WORSHIPING God.
And I couldn't go to sleep without sharing that.

Sundays are the best.


David Hulings said...

Hey, if you are going to the Falls and through Canada, you have to have a passport! You can't go into Canada without a passport. Did you know that?

SoulTattoo said...

I was planning to ask you about it. I hadnt seen anything on the blog lately so I wondered! Love Sundays too - I am ready to get into a study - I miss that regular study time!

~Kristie~ said...


Not if you are traveling by Land.
Only Air and Sea.
At least until September 09.
They extended it.

Unless the World Wide Web is wrong.
Which is possible.

I guess we would spend 4 days in Detroit, then. Fun!

~Kristie~ said...


I know - Do you guys go to a Study every week? We should start one.....

PS: Would love to sing with you sometime, again!!

mandy said...

wow. this post hit me ~ in a good way.

so ~ can you maybe email me... or leave a comment on my blog... or write a post, but tell me why you have fun worshiping? what is it about your experience that blesses you so much?

i'm asking as a worship leader, a worship leader who wants her church members to enjoy worship...

any thoughts?

~Kristie~ said...

Thanks for the comment!

I'll shoot you an email - but, mostly, on Sundays I have the privilege of leading others in worship, on the worship team at Lakeshore Community Church. I am humbled and in AWE realizing GOD can use ME to lead others in WORSHIP....