Thursday, July 17, 2008

Michigans Adventure Amusement Park

Temperature: 89 & muggy (in HOT sun)
Line TIME to get in: 20 minutes
Tickets - 1 adult and 4 kids: $125
Sunscreen at SNOOPY STORE (Cause you're a bad mom): $9.99
Line to "WAIT" to get into Water Park: 20 minutes
Friends you were suppose to "meet" there: Never saw them
French Fries: $6
Ice Creams for 5 people: $25
Hair Ties to keep the hair off of your neck: $7.99
Pretzel with LOTS of salt: $4
Cup of Cheese to go with Pretzel: $1.50
Nachos (Came with the cheese): $5.50
Gatorade: $3.75 each
Big Shot SQUIRT gun (for Tyler): $6
Big Shot SQUIRT gun (for Tyler - because he lost the first "adapter" to put water in it): $6


We were lucky enough to have my nephew, Dominic, meet us at Michigan Adventure today. It was his first time on the water slides.
"Half Pint Paradise" was a fun little pool where TINY kids play.
I LOVED it!!

No deep water.
No scary RIDES.
LOUNGE chairs in the shade.
Right by the ICE CREAM stand.
Right by the FRENCH FRY stand.

Check out the pics and the movies!
(I don't know why I didn't get any pictures of me, Katie, or Katie's friend, Carina)

EYLIANA goes down the waterslide in HALF PINT PARADISE

DOMINIC goes down the 'smaller' waterslide with daddy

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Aunt Juge said... CUTE!!! But expensive! Even tho the prices are OUTRAGEOUS, and the day was MISERABLY hot and muggy, seeing all their smiling faces and how much fun they had makes it worth it! XOXOXO