Friday, July 25, 2008

'Inked' in Chicago

Nope - not me.
I'm not that crazy.

My husband decided it would be a WONDERFUL experience to take the "RED LINE" uptown to the TATTOO FACTORY. As I told him where to go most of the trip, I allowed this ONE DETOUR to the outskirts of CHICAGO - so he could get yet another TATTOO.

I could spend this entire blog talking about the RED LINE itself, as that was by far the scariest thing I have done here in the windy city.

45 minutes
packed in a HOT subway
with alot of people that don't smell very good
closing my eyes because I get motion sickness
The sacrifices you make for the one you love........

I will not mention the "outskirts" either, as Dan told me - "This is the REAL Chicago" - and I don't want to offend the people of this beautiful city.

But, I will mention the young woman that came into the tattoo parlor FOUR TIMES begging the artist to give her a "SMALL HEART & A SMALL CROSS", when she didn't have enough money. Dan almost gave her the money. I think the look on my face stopped him......

If it were up to Dan, our life savings would be in the little cups that the homeless people are shaking. Or the "basketball teams" trying to get to another state for a competition. Or the young people trying to raise money to go to a "church youth camp".
I guess, I'm not as trusting as he is.
Maybe he's just more willing to give.
Maybe he just knows what we're supposed to be doing.
Talking to the homeless guys for 15 minutes, just to find out about their lives.

Wow, I got way off subject - that's not like me...
here are some pictures of the ink.....


Anonymous said...

(Grandma Kim) We went to get a movie - Step Up2 - since all of us girls wanted to see it, at the video store....stop one - nope, don't have it and you have a late fee! Stop two, yup, they have it and the lady says as we go to check out, "How do you want to pay the $20 LATE FEE?" "Well" I say, "I'm just babysitting", she lets us rent it anyway and asked me to remind Kristie or Dan that they will have to pay it next time they come in (ya....RIGHT!) Dan - COOL tat!!!!! The girls can't believe that you got another one! We went to the store and picked up a few things to cook dinner tonight......home made macaroni and cheese and chicken breasts pounded thin, cheese wrapped inside , and rolled in crushed potato chips then baked. (Ellie can't wait to cook with Grandma!) Kristie....hope you closed your eyes on the ride home on the RED!!! Gives you a REAL perspective on 'city' huh?

~Kristie~ said...

Sorry mom - We never bring our movies back. Try the movie gallery on M120 - we have a $70 credit there - from the last time that we "BOUGHT" 5 movies, and then found them, and returned them - but couldn't get our money back :)

SoulTattoo said...

Man you are Crazy!

KaTie CoOk =] said...

dad i am curious to know.
does this NEW tattoo.
have a meaning. on y you got it?
or you just wanted to get a star?


RudysBoy said...

Cool tattoo, brotha'!! That had to hurt on the inside of the bicep like that. You and Kristie must be pain freaks or something. Peace to ya!

Dan said...

Matt my brother I love INK.... Truly I believe that I will never have enough. Ready for a star under the other arm.Not gonna lie to ya though,it did tickle a bit.....C Ya