Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Danos first Blog

This is crazy...you know that you are in love when you give in to the "blog".....We are in Niagara Falls, oh wait I mean Chicago, same thing. It started out as a trip to the North, oh wait a minute, Kristie says it's EAST - not sure I don't have the GPS. We pretty much opened the garage door, left the driveway, and went immediately to Brann's for some of their low fat biscuits and butter (Kristie was hungry). As if we didn't have enough of the city in New York, we ended up in Chicago. Not the outskirts. Right on the Magnificent Mile. After 13 years of marriage, I must say that I am more proud of Kristie than the time I took her para sailing. For all of you that don't understand her typeA personality - we could hardly leave the house without a Strategically laid out Master Plan of the days events. Let alone, get on the Harley and go for a week without a DESTINATION. I am so proud of you. Hopefully, for my sake, and the sake of my 'live free-ride hard' attitude - this trip goes well.


David Hulings said...

Hey, we are only 935 miles apart. WE are in Sturgis today. Lots of motorcyle stuff in Sturgis. We love Chicago. Three great things about Chicago: Starbucks on three of four corners.

Dan, I didn't take you for a blogger, just a blog.

We finally put our video up going over Beartooth and the Big Horn Pass. Check it out.

Where you going next?

David Hulings said...

We were thinking Dan made you keep the computer at home. It's nice to know you have some power over him.

~Kristie~ said...


Thanks for the support....;)

Too bad Dan can also read the comments.

I am also VERY happy we decided to stay here a couple days, (mostly because of the STARBUCKS thing)

PS: I just found out today - if you keep your morning STARBUCKS receipt, and they STAMP it with some kind of a STAMP - you can use it that afternoon to get a $2 COLD DRINK (ie: Double Choc, Chip Frapp)

~Kristie~ said...

@dad (again)

Do you actually think I would go an entire week without using a computer??

Are you kidding me??