Friday, July 18, 2008

For those of you DESPERATELY searching

I found my NORTHFACE.

Under my bedspread that I put on top of my bed.
Only the bedspread was on the floor.
And my Northface was under it.
For a very long time.
Because I don't make the bed.
Except for when the cleaning lady comes once every 2 weeks.
Or, if I am taking a picture for the BLOG.
Here is what my bed usually looks like.
Just to remain REAL.
It's important to me that you know the REAL me.
Not a fake me.

Notice the bedspread on the floor.
Yep, that's where it was.

Too bad, I just ordered another one at GoGear 2 days ago.
Should be in next week.
Same color and everything,
Now I'll have 2.


Anonymous said...

LOL....out of all this ....IM glad to see I'm not the only one who doesn't see much point in making a bed everyday!

Paul and Jackie said...

At least you HAVE a bedspread you COULD use. :) We finally got a new bed and mattresses after all these years. It has old sheets staggered across it, since I don't have anything big enough for it. My pitiful insert for my old duvet is acting as the bedspread. It will probably take me a year to settle on a set to go on it. Glad you found the jacket!!:)