Sunday, July 27, 2008

Last Day

Well Last day in Chicago,back to the real world. For those of you with children and busy lives I feel that it is time for you to get away. Not the whole family but just the two of you.Kristie is the love of my life,some of the greatest times with each other are when we get away from everything. Make a trip priority this year with your spouse. Kristie, I love ya kid....... You are the greatest friend in my life and I am thankful to God for blessing me with you Together Forever


Aunt Juge said...

You 2 are so sweet! Everyone could take lessons from you 2 on how to love your spouse! Hope to see you soon!
oh by the way ....I have a pic to send you ....I'll send it to kristie's e mail....I took it with my phone while I was at Granny's the other day.....:) I KNOW you'll want to see "it"!!?!?!

Anonymous said...

(Grandma Kim) How blessed you both are to have EACH OTHER!!! ....and your 3 BEAUTIFUL children! Welcome home........Mom

~Kristie~ said...

Daniel -

God has truly blessed me with the best husband, and father to my children.
I had the BEST time with you in Chicago - want to go back??? We could ditch this "REAL LIFE" stuff.... I don't know - just an idea.
Thank you for being my everything. I do not deserve you.
All my love always.