Thursday, August 7, 2008

Pet Peeve of the month

[No, I'm not gonna BLOG about SOCKS again]

Do you have a pet peeve?
I have like a THOUSAND.

If I list one a month, YOU’LL be reading my blog till I’m old.
(No, 33 is NOT old)

Here is the one that is annoying me currently.

Can a PET PEEVE be an entire object?
(I don’t care – It’s my blog)

I strongly dislike GLASS SHOWER DOORS. Everything about them!
The way they OPEN.
The way they CLOSE.
The way they are SEE-THRU
The way you’re supposed to CLEAN them.
But, most of all,
The way they COME OFF THE TRACK.

Then, I get locked out of the shower. Because if the doors aren’t on the track, they won’t open – they’re just STUCK. And I have to have DAN fix them. (Which he can do in like 3 seconds, by picking the whole door up and hooking it back on the track – after I just killed myself STRUGGLING to get my fingers around the glass, to even try and pick it up)

But, luckily, I have a nice husband.

All to come to this conclusion:
Thank goodness I’m married, otherwise it is possible that I would smell very bad.

Good thing I have never gotten locked INSIDE the shower....


Anonymous said...

When Kim and I stayed there, I had the same thing happen to me, but luckily I was able to put the doors back on track, other than that I like your shower, it has a pretty intense slope forward, I did accidently use Dudly's shampoo 1 morning.

Paul and Jackie said...

I agree they are not worth trying to keep clean. The old fashioned shower curtain wasn't that bad of an idea! They are nice to keep the floor from getting drenched by kids, but trying to help a little one with a bath with them on is painful! I'm wondering what your friend Jeff's hair was like after using Dudley's shampoo???????? Extra fluffy? Curly? More volume? :)


~Kristie~ said...

Jeff - 3 things come to mind when reading your comment.
1. You finally found the CAPS LOCK button - congrats!! I am so proud of you, and knew you could do it.
2. Why don't you just get a google account, so you no longer have to be "anonymous" - let's ALL face it, you're a WELCOMED regular around here.
3. Dud's shampoo is "extra whitening" - for his light coat - so did you get even more blond?

Thanks for your comment.

PS: What do you mean a "pretty intense forward?" - Did you fall over or something?

Anonymous said...

LOL @ you! I missed your blog while I was away! I used to have one of those NASTY shower doors also. I got so mad at it one day .....I ripped it off the track,took the track off with ONLY a screwdriver ( im sure you know how to work one of those!;)) put it out to the road for the garbage man, and put up a shower curtain! ALLL your problems solved! :)

Kendra said...

LOL. Thanks, I'll be sure to not get those kind of doors when I get my ugly bathtub re-done.

Keep those pet-peeves coming! I love reading this type of stuff.