Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wednesday Worship - Train Up A Child

Meet my friends - John, Amy and little Colin.

I am lucky enough to serve on a Praise Team with John. John – “bangs on the drums” – in his own words. Think about it – what is Sunday Morning without drums??

When I am serving on the Praise Team, I LOVE to see the following things from up on stage:

1- My little friends Grace and Mary – who catch my eye and wave at me with their little hands really close to their face.
2- My bigger friends who sneak in the back door – 5 minutes late – and SMILE at me - with their Starbucks cup – (their BIG Starbucks cup) – thinking that none of us notice that they are breaking the rules and bringing in a DRINK. I will not mention names.
3- The Lakeshore community singing ONE NAME – with hands raised, clapping, and, yes, jumping sometimes – as this song seems to bring out the “WORSHIP” in people at our church.

BUT, my ALL TIME favorite thing to see is:

4- Little Colin, in the front row – “Air Drumming” – because that is what his daddy is doing on stage. He jumps up and down, and pretends to play the drums. We left our video camera in Chicago (yah, another day, another blog). SO –

[Insert CUTE Video here – of this CUTE baby jumping up and down, playing fake drums, and SMILING so big!!]

As John WORSHIPS, and leads people in WORSHIP – he is also training his child.
As John and Amy expose their son to WORSHIP, what is Colin learning?
WOW – I want to do that - better.

When I was a kid, our family memorized this verse – (of course, in the King James Version) -

Proverbs 22:6
Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

When I was a kid, I had NO IDEA why I was memorizing that verse.

I know now.

Thanks, Mom and Dad - for ‘Training Up A Child’.
It has been a long bumpy road.
I fell a few times.
But, thanks to you, I am a child of God that longs to WORSHIP in Spirit and in Truth.

Thanks, John and Amy – for being an example of the kind of parent that I want to be.


mandy said...

we had a seven-year-old air guitar player a few weeks ago. blessed my socks off!!!

this past sunday, two of my blog-friends came to stay for the weekend. their faces during worship will forever be etched on my heart. it was an absolute PRIVILEGE to lead them in worship.

John and Amy said...

Kristie I just love you girl. Thanks for your words, and I too love the how Colin looks up to his daddy it is a huge blessing in our lives. BY THE WAY you are an amazing woman, wife and mother....

David Hulings said...

I think that is what I miss most about you at Lakeshore, that I don't get to hear you sing like your mom did. Thankfully you get that from her. But, I am glad you are at Lakeshore and you have a great music ministry.

Pete Wilson said...

What cool friends!

Grandma KIM said...

I still smile when I see the small hand written note I have next to this verse in my (King James) Bible. Next to ....and when he is 'old', I wrote in 'when he has hair on his chin' - you know what that means, don't you??? don't GET IT until they GROW UP and start having their own children. No matter how much has happened in their young lives, they 'come back' to what mom and dad tried to teach them (with God's help of course!) I'm so proud to be your mom Kristie!! Sometimes I wonder if my children remember all of the 'good 'ol days' and realize just how much their mom and dad loved them, and tried to raise them 'right'... I guess we did OK with you!!! Thank you for the strong spiritual woman you've become - I love you! Mom