Monday, August 18, 2008

Drive Thru WHY's?

When you are ordering a MEAL DEAL in the drivethru, and you ask for a MEDIUM size, WHY do they ALWAYS ask you if you want to supersize it?
Did they not hear you when you said MEDIUM the first time?

When you are ordering at STARBUCKS and you ask for a ‘passion iced tea with melon’, WHY do they ALWAYS ask you if you want a ‘passion lemonade’?
Did they not hear you when you said ‘passion tea with melon’?

When you are ordering at TACOBELL on M120 and you ask for ‘hard taco Supreme Tacos’, why do they ALWAYS tell you that they are OUT OF BEEF?
How can Taco Bell be OUT OF BEEF?
For the record, what else can you order at TacoBell, without BEEF?

Feel free to add your “drive-thru why’s” in the comment section.
(Please refrain from telling me that I am not a healthy eater, besides I just started taking JUICE PLUS. I can eat whatever I want now.)


Anonymous said...

How about for those of us that are REEEEALLY picky and get stuff such as stuff from taco bell , but SPECIFICALLY SAY WITHOUT the tomatoes! It even says it that way on your order slip.....or burgers from McDonalds with JUST KETCHUP ....also ....says it on your order slip/receipt that way, so you think your "safe"....but you get down the road ....and it has EVERYTHING on it! Lets face it....Tomatoes come off pretty easy.....but try scraping mayo,mustard,onions and whatever else they decide to throw on there, off! IMPOSSIBLE!
Or you order from the chicken side of taco bell and get the meal for the family thats suppose to have 12 pieces of chicken....that its suppose to be 3 pieces of each...(breast, wing, leg and thigh...and when you have certain family members that like certain pieces, this is important!;)) But if your lucky enough to GET 12 pieces, you get home and have 5 legs and 1 breast??! Not to mention the fact I can't tell you how many times I've came home and opened everything and realized I only have 9 or 10 pieces of chicken?!?!?!? I mean come on now, How hard is it to count to 12 ???!?!? I can understand it happening ONCE in a while ....but the fact that they get it WRONG more often than they get it RIGHT???? HOW can that be???
As for TACOBELL on M120....I agree....HOW can they be OUT OF BEEF?? think you better go somewhere else!! ;) (like granny's! her taco's are better anyways!;))

Anonymous said...

P>S> just for the record...when Im talking about chicken missing, wings or legs missing might not be that bad....but when your missing MOST or ALL of your breast pieces....thats pretty pathetic.