Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wednesday Worship - Tirza's Thoughts

As part of my quest to find the TRUE definition of WORSHIP, I’ve decided to interview a few respected Worship Leaders – to find out their thoughts on the topic.

Today, I will share the thoughts of a great and Godly woman, my friend, Tirza.

I asked her a simple question – What is the TRUE definition of worship?

Here are her thoughts on the topic:

  • Worship has become more popular these days and has, of course, taken on the "identity" of music, singing and even dancing. Not a bad thing, just a metamorphosis of what God created in us to do.
  • In biblical times ‘to worship’ was to fall on your face or to your knees, bowing in an act of respect. It was both a matter of the heart and a matter of outward expression of respect and honor towards the one being worshipped. It is for sure a more formal and beautiful "ritual", like kneeling, saluting, curtseying, and bowing in many cultures as a profound statement of respect.
  • Because Worship has been so closely tied to the modern act of "worshipping" (singing, etc.) we view it as a two way experience between ourselves and God, a warm fuzzy activity - yet somehow I have to believe that True Worship is the heart connection and giving of ourselves to the one we worship (respect, honor, fear, adore, etc.) The way we FEEL during that worship is a bonus! God created us for Worship
  • I believe that any act where you are purely and truly in your heart honoring and respecting God with your actions, bowing or not, hands up or down, sounding good or not, is WORSHIP.

Thank you, Tirza for offering your thoughts. I appreciate you.


Rachel said...

I wrote a blog on worship in February of this year. You're welcome to check out my thoughts on it!!

~Kristie~ said...

Thanks for checking out the blog, Rachel - and for your comments! I love your thoughts on worship! Thanks for visiting!