Friday, December 12, 2008

You've Got Mail

Wednesday 10:39 pm

Kristie: (FAST ASLEEP, in bed) ZZZzzzz….ZZZZZzzzz…

Dan: (Just Arriving home from Ski Club, WIDE AWAKE) Hey, wake up!! You’ve got some mail!!

Kristie: Honey, I’m sleepy….

Dan: But, I just got the mail, and you got a postcard.

Kristie: Honey, I don't care about mail .

Dan: But, It’s from Andy!

Kristie: What? COOL! Andy wrote me a letter? (WIDE AWAKE, sitting up in bed)

Dan: Yep, here it is.

Kristie: (Annoyed) Honey, this is the self addressed/stamped postcard I sent to him.

Dan: OHHHH, I wondered why his handwriting looked like yours.

Kristie: (More Annoyed that I am now WIDE AWAKE) I'm going back to sleep.

Three things I learned from this conversation:

  1. Even though I set up his computer to “Automatically Show” my blog’s web address when he opens the EXPLORER icon, MY HUSBAND still does not read my blog.
  2. Even though my brother is a HULINGS, he still isn’t smart enough to realize that he didn’t need to put another stamp on the postcard, as I had already stamped it.
  3. As far as I’m concerned, there is still no reason to check the mailbox.


David Hulings said...

Now I'm really bummed. I sent him a post card before you and he never sent it to me. Maybe I put the wrong address on it.

Anonymous said...

You'd think your husband would have learned BY don't wake up a sleeping wife for ANYTHING....except maybe a fire in the house, (a BIG fire,it'd have to be "life threatening";)) or a REAL postcard from your brother!
Jerry has made THAT mistake TWICE in the years of our relationship.......I think he's got it now! Took him 2 times.....but he has learned it better be pretty DARN important to wake me up !
(us mother's need our sleep at night....we do EVERYTHING for EVERYBODY all day long!;) )