Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dear Andy (Dear Kristie) -

I am sending another package of letters today. Along with a case of Swiss Cake Rolls. Hope you get them.

Realizing that we've been Told that you probably won't write back to us, I have stolen dad's idea and enclosed a SELF-ADDRESSED, STAMPED postcard that you can send back to me.
(for my faithful blog readers - here is what it says)

Dear Kristie,

Thank you for sending all of those letters! I think you are the greatest sister in the whole world. I also think you are very smart, much smarter than our other brother. In fact, on a smartness level - you are definitely the smartest kid in our family.
My superior officers thank you for all of the Swiss Cake Rolls you sent. But, don't worry about me, the food here is great.
Can't wait to see you this Christmas! I hope you can sneak into the graduation ceremony!!

Your Little Bro,
Property of the US Navy

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

WOW! Andy really thinks highly of you doesn't he? ;) Just how many swiss cake rolls have you sent? Or should I say , just how many swiss cake rolls have the higher ups gotten to eat? ;)