Saturday, December 27, 2008

Welcome Home, Bro!

It was a very exciting week, as my brother graduated from Navy Boot Camp. He has much to be proud of! He was the RPOC of his division, which basically means he was in charge of 88 other guys. He also got a promotion while he was in, which is very unusual at Boot Camp. I am very proud of him!
Last night, I was lucky enough to spend a couple of hours listening to some of his stories. We will also get to see him on Sunday for a BIG family gathering in his honor!
After the Holidays, he will return to Chicago for 32 weeks of schooling. If we're lucky, maybe we can go back and visit him on the base this Spring!

Congratulations, Andy!
I'm proud of you!!

When I saw him, I gave him his Christmas present. It took him approx. 10 seconds and 2 bites to eat 2 entire Swiss Cake Rolls. (For some reason he never got the ones I sent in the mail)

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Anonymous said...

LOL....sorry I missed this one!! xoxoxo