Friday, December 19, 2008

My Lunch Buddy

Today is a SNOWDAY in Michigan-
I am lucky enough to work at a school, therefore I don't have to go back to work till January 5th!
And I got an extra day off today! Yeah!

One thing I didn't get done -
I forgot to tell my lunch buddy that I wouldn't be around for a few weeks.

Almost everyday I eat my lunch in a park.
I usually stay in my car and eat, or read.
Almost everyday my lunch buddy sits right outside my car door.
Waiting for me to feed him.
At first the "don't feed the waterfowl" signs scared me into obeying the law.
But, he was very persistent.
And I kept thinking "he looks hungry and cold"
So, I started feeding him.
Now, when I pull up, he's at my door within minutes.
(I have a feeling that I'm not the only 'LUNCH BUDDY' he has. I brought my husband with me on this trip, and he said he was so fat he looked like a Turkey)

According to Dan, I am not technically breaking the law, as he CLAIMS that a seagull doesn't count in the "waterfowl" category.

I'll stick with that - to avoid the guilt.....


David Hulings said...

Now this is weird. Your "Lunch Buddy" is the same "Poop Buddy" that Poops on my boat all summer. Isn't' that weird. My daughter feeds him junk all winter and he stores it up only to poop it out on my boat this spring.

~Kristie~ said...

Are you kidding me, dad?

PS: (The park is not the one at the Marina.) And believe me, this "lunch buddy" is so fat, he definitely has an ALL YEAR gig going. So, I highly doubt it's the same one.
(I'll ask him, though. And if he shows up floating in Spring Lake, killed by a 22cal bullet, I'll know you were right)

David Hulings said...

I actually hired a hit man to take him out after he dropped a big drop on my new canvas is August. I can't believe it hasn't been done!! Seagulls, like bears, don't pooped any where near where they eat.