Friday, December 5, 2008

HELP - immediate EMERGENCY!!!

STARBUCKS has run out of Cinnamon Dolce Syrup.
I've been told over the past 2 weeks that "It's a Nationwide Problem"

Are you kidding me?
Why couldn't they run out of Toffee Nut Syrup?

I'm so bothered by it, that I couldn't even blog about it until now.

This is a picture of me, last Sunday, after I finally got my coffee fix. I had to drive to WALKER to get this, near Grandville. If you can't read my lips I'm saying, "Thank GOD!" The WALKER store obviously went above and beyond, and stocked up on my SYRUP, just in case there was ever a "Nationwide Shortage".
Feel sorry for me a little bit. It's my birthday today. I literally received a total of $95 in STARBUCKS gift cards for my birthday, from 4 different people.
And I couldn't even drink my FAVORITE drink, because of a NATIONWIDE shortage.

PS: The caption on this picture, however, would be: 'When will she get her bottom braces? her top teeth are so straight, and her bottom teeth are still VERY crooked.'


Rachel said...

ahhhhhhh, I feel your pain. This is just a crisis. I think the government should intervene immediately before we all go into serious withdrawals. ;)

Steph said...

Three words... Barnes and Noble. I'm pretty sure they still have it. Ofcourse, you can't use your gift cards there.

~Kristie~ said...

Oh my gosh!
Thanks, Steph, I will go there TODAY!
You are so smart!

~Kristie~ said...

You would think the B&N people could drive a bottle of syrup over to the STARBUCKS store across the street.

Grandma KIM said...

Well, at least we ALL knew what to get you for your birthday!!! (me included) :-)
....take a BIG deep breath.........

Anonymous said...

LOL @ how addicted you are!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Birthday gift next year...... a bottle of that syrup instead of gift cards! ;)

Kimi said...

I totally get the whole beverage addiction thing. I am now addicted to Vanilla Comoro decaf with a shot of vanilla and cream from Biggby's. I will drive out of my way for my new favorite beverage. It was really much easier when I just drank beer. Beer drinkers aren't as discriminating.

~Kristie~ said...


My friend, Shira, (who works at STARBUCKS) informed me that CINNAMON DOLCE is back! - Not only that, but she BROUGHT ME an entire bottle of CINNAMON DOLCE syrup to church today!!
Thanks, SHIRA! You are literally a LIFESAVER!!! You ROCK!!

Paul and Jackie said...

Happy belated birthday! I actually rembered your birthday.....funny.....I always remebered your birthday, as it was the cutoff for kindergarten way back then. You had to be 5 on or before that day to go. My, has that changed.
Could you email me your address? I think I only can find the old one. Sending Christmas cards! :)