Thursday, May 15, 2008

Is change good?

For real - can STARBUCKS change the COLOR of their cups??? Ok, I'm only 33, but as long as I can remember, the STARBUCKS logo is GREEN on a white cup. (Ok, so they spruce it up a little for the holiday season too) - but this time they may have taken it too far! Does a Venti Cinnamon Dolce Latte taste the same in a white cup with a BROWN logo? Well I guess so, but I can barely look at the cup as I drink it. Apparently, the NEW design is really the OLD design - because STARBUCKS is going retro!! I don't care why they changed it - "I just already know I like it better the OTHER way!"

Sometimes I feel the same way about life. Right when I get comfortable - EVERYTHING changes. I've realized something about myself in the past few months - I don' t think I like change. Maybe I'm afraid of it? Is it good for me? Does it make me stronger? But, it seems like I just want to scream - "I already know I like it better the OTHER way!!"


jesuschic said...

Hi Kristie, it's funny you leave this post...I noticed the cup last Friday and I have to say I'm with ya sista I HATE THEM!!!! I know that is a strong word but why???? Why change them I love the normal logo......We need to have a protest!!!See ya Saturday at the game.....blessings Kel

SoulTattoo said...

K -
Change is good! I can only say that because I am older than you (lol!) I had to learn to embrace change as I discovered much of life is out of my control (Still have a hard time admitting that!) Being an admitted "control freak" I would challenge you to this - At least embrace it, that was you can still control you ability to accept it! ... Old habits never die (big smile!) ~Tirza

Aunt Juge said... come by it HONESTLY!!!! Just ask Granny! ;) It runs in the family!

mandy said...

change makes me wanna throw my hands over my head and scream running the other way.

running MUCH like Phoebe on friends.... but in fear, not in fun.